Wireless speaker buying guide: Everything you need to know about wireless speakersAs with any other gadget, the term "wireless speaker" is loaded with sometimes confusing categories. AppleInsider breaks them down and talks about how to pick what features you need, and which speaker you may want.
In the history of audio, few product categories have expanded as quickly or dramatically as wireless speakers. In the past few years, the evolution of wireless audio technology has helped the genre blossom from novelty to near-ubiquitous. From boom boxes and speaker docks, we’ve transitioned to a legion of wireless speakers that allow you to stream the entire history of recorded music from your armchair.
Wireless speakers are notorious for prioritising convenience over sound quality, but the tide has long since turned.
Retaining the ease of use, simple connectivity and funky designs that make them so popular, wireless speakers have now evolved to deliver excellent sound quality – t…